The Gingerbread Man

This week the children in Foundation Stage have been reading the book the Gingerbread Man.

We used Talk for Writing and the children have learnt the actions and words for the story. Each class had their own Gingerbread Man who had to hide as the fox was after him. The children went on a hunt for the Gingerbread Man around the school and made lost posters for him.

On Thursday Mr Downey arrived with CCTV footage, he had found the fox in the school. The children wanted to help and they filled out CCTV reports for Mr Downey. They also built traps to catch the fox.

Fortunately the Gingerbread Man has arrived safely back in the classrooms and the fox has left the school. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this book which many have then written themselves. We also did some science and experimented with different liquids on Gingerbread men. The children made their own boats which they tested out in water.

East Sussex Phonics Hub Training

Miss Clifford ran some training this week as part of her role as Leader of Learning for the East Sussex Phonics Hub.

During a learning walk, staff from 12 local schools, were amazed by the “outstanding enthusiasm and commitment to learning” shown by our EYFS pupils. Every child shone and really proved that they are always aiming to be the best they can be!

The training gave Roselands an opportunity to share our good practice in Phonics and English and celebrate the quality teaching and learning that goes on daily. Our visitors were very impressed with EYFS progress from their starting points and how much their fine motor control and their sustained writing ability has moved forward.

Manor school enjoyed their visit so much that they returned again on Tuesday and watched our children independently engage with their activities during free-flow and be supported and taught in a range of adult-led tasks.

A huge well done to all of our EYFS pupils and staff for all of their hard work, enthusiasm and creativity. We are so proud of all of you!

Space Role Play

This week EYFS have been learning all about “Whatever Next” and baby bear’s adventure to the moon. We acted out the story and made our own props to help. Our space role play was so exciting and we transformed in to astronauts and space cadets to run the space station and launch our own rockets. We also learnt about the moon “You don’t have gravity there and you will float off…you got to wear space suits” (Emily, Dolphins). We explored clay and made models of aliens “It’s much trickier than play-dough. Mine has antennae on top to help communication with earth and other aliens” (Hugo, Whales). Outside we also made some tea to warm baby bear up when he got home. “I have tea at home and you got to keep it in the bag. Mummy has milk and likes mixing it up so it goes more lighter” (Max, Sealions). We have loved our learning and hope you enjoy our photos and videos on Tapestry.

Steve Langhorn – Year 1 Teacher

I have been teaching in primary schools since 2009, after completing my training at The University of Brighton. Prior to this, my first year at Roselands, I worked up the road at Stafford Junior school across every year group, but mainly in Y5 and Y4.

Being new can always be a bit daunting, but the team here have been incredibly warm, welcoming and supportive. It’s also been nice to meet the brothers and sisters of a few children I’ve already taught at Stafford. When I’m not here, I like to spend time with my wife and daughter at home.

Hollie Durrant – Year 2 Teacher in Tigers Class & Computing Leader

I am a Year 2 Teacher and I feel extremely lucky to have worked at both schools within the federation. I joined the Year 2 team in 2017, having previously worked as a Year 3 teacher at Stafford Junior School.

I am an extremely passionate teacher and strive to provide an exciting and engaging learning environment for all of the children I teach. I aim to ensure that all children feel happy at school and develop into independent learners who are curious and inquisitive about the world around them. I am grateful to have had previous experience in Year 3 as this has provided me with the opportunity to understand the skills that are required, and the types of learning challenges that the children will face.

Throughout my life, I have been extremely passionate about dancing and horse riding. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my mum by attending weekly Zumba classes and pilates!

16. Local Authority Offer

In East Sussex the vision for children and young people with special needs and/or disabilities is the same as for all children and young people – that they:

  • achieve well in their early years, at school and in college;
  • are well cared for, have their health needs met, lead happy and fulfilled lives;
  • have choice and control over the key decisions that affect them.

East Sussex are working with families to develop their strategies and plans.

Here is the link to the Local Authority’s Local Offer for SEND.

Kathy Sewell – Year 1 Teacher in Parrot Class (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Alternate Fridays) & Music Subject Leader

I am a teacher at Roselands, where I teach in Parrots Class in Year One. I have worked at Roselands for 26 years, in a variety of different roles. I enjoy teaching children different subjects in a variety of ways, to help them achieve their full potential.

I have 2 children who are at Secondary School and Sixth Form College. When I’m not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, walking the family dog, listening to music and playing the piano.

Charlotte Davies – Year 1 Teacher in Penguins Class & Science leader

I can be found teaching in Penguins class in year one. This is my fifth year teaching at Roselands Infant School in various year groups. I enjoy teaching the children new skills and inspiring them to use and explore their imaginations. I love singing and dancing so I do enjoy organising a nativity play or show! Outside of school, I love cooking, yoga and rock climbing. You might see me next year attempting a team challenge called ‘Tough Mudder’ with my gym buddies!

Amy Russell – EYFS Teacher in Sealions Class & PSHE/Behaviour Leader

I am in my third year of teaching at Roselands and I feel incredibly lucky to be working in EYFS. I have always wanted to work in an infant school as I enjoy creating fun learning opportunities and promoting a love of learning in young children.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and playing the piano. I also enjoy attending church and spending time with my family.

I am really enjoying being the teacher of Sealions Class.