Who’s Who

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Senior Leadership Team

Name Role Base / Class
John Maxwell Executive Head Roselands and Stafford
Carol Wallis Head of School
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jonathan Haddock Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion Roselands and Stafford
Natalie Harrison Head of Year Reception Whales
Rosanne Forward Head of Year Year 1 Flamingos
Jo Page Head of Year Year 2 Leopards

Administration Team

Name Role Base
Position Vacant Attendance, Admissions and Pupil Data Officer Roselands and Stafford
Sarah Oxenbury
School Business Manager Roselands and Stafford
Maureen Pemberton Bursar Roselands
Lyn Carey Administrative Assistant Roselands and Stafford

Teaching & Support Staff

Reception - Whales

Mrs N Harrison - Head of Year / Teacher
Miss A Beckwith - TA

Reception - Sea Lions

Mrs A Russell - Teacher
Miss A Cookson - TA

Reception - Dolphins

Miss J Clifford - Teacher
Mrs J Curran - TA

Year 1 - Penguins

Miss C Davies - Teacher
Mrs A Clifton - TA
Mrs K Haffenden - TA

Year 1 - Parrots

Mrs K Sewell - Teacher
(Mon, Tues, Thurs and alternate Fri)
Mrs J Prowse - Teacher
(Weds and alternate Fri)
Mrs A Clifton - TA
Mrs K Haffenden - TA
Miss T Groome - TA

Year 1 - Flamingos

Mrs R Forward - Head of Year / Teacher (Mon-Weds)
Mr S Langhorn - Teacher (Thu-Fri)
Mrs A Clifton - TA
Mrs K Haffenden - TA

Year 2 - Panthers

Mrs Y Woolley - Teacher
Mrs Y Winters - TA
Miss K Cooper - TA

Year 2 - Leopards

Mrs J Page - Head of Year / Teacher
Mrs Y Winters - TA
Mrs K Cooper - TA

Year 2 - Tigers

Miss H Durrant - Teacher
Mrs Y Winters - TA
Miss K Cooper - TA


  • Mrs C Rogers - Assistant SENCO
  • Mrs M Springett - Cover Supervisor & TA
  • Mrs Y Wood - Cover Supervisor
  • Mr A Smith - Cover Supervisor
  • Mr R Downie - Site Manager
  • Mrs C Standing - MDSA
  • Mrs A Potter - MDSA
  • Mrs J Parker - MDSA

Carol Wallis – Head of School

I am the Head of School at Roselands and I am proud to be a part of the Roselands and Stafford Federation. I joined the Roselands team in September 2013 having been a class teacher, team leader, Infant leader and Inclusion manager at my previous school for 18 years. I have always aspired to work in an infant school as I have the opportunity to give young children the firm foundations on which to build a passion for learning and skills for life. I feel lucky to have such an amazing team of staff to help me achieve this.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, skiing and running. I ran the London Marathon in 2017 for Macmillan Cancer Support and I am currently training for some 10km races for Cancer Research. I hope to run London again in 2020 and the Beachy Head Marathon in October 2021.

Natalie Harrison – Head of Foundation Stage & Teacher of Whales Class

This is my fourth year teaching at Roselands school and my fourth year teaching. I have always worked in early years and after having two children decided to train to become a teacher. I am passionate about early years and the importance of children learning through play. I became Head of Year last year and enjoy leading a team who all share the same vision.

Amy Russell – EYFS Teacher in Sealions Class & PSHE/Behaviour Leader

I am in my third year of teaching at Roselands and I feel incredibly lucky to be working in EYFS. I have always wanted to work in an infant school as I enjoy creating fun learning opportunities and promoting a love of learning in young children.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and playing the piano. I also enjoy attending church and spending time with my family.

I am really enjoying being the teacher of Sealions Class.

Jade Clifford – EYFS Teacher in Dolphins Class & English & Phonics Leader

I am Dolphin Class teacher and love teaching in EYFS. I am proud to be part of our kind, creative and inspiring school and always aim to help children to believe in themselves and reach for the stars! We are always laughing and smiling in my class and I believe that learning through play is the most positive way to motivate children. In my role as English and Phonics Lead, I lead our team in teaching skills through immersive stories and experiences. We provide opportunities for children to read, write and talk innovatively and creatively whilst always challenging themselves. We support them to take their learning in any direction they choose and be bold and brave in their ideas!

I recently became a ‘Leader of Learning’ in East Sussex and mentor and train local schools in high quality phonic teaching as part of my role in Pashley Phonic Hub. Although teaching teachers is fun I much prefer teaching 5 year olds!

When I am at home in Brighton I love spending time with my friends and visiting museums and events. I do weekly yoga and jewellery making and love vintage shopping at any opportunity…now including upcycled furniture for my new home!

Rosanne Forward – Head of Year 1 & Teacher of Flamingos Class (Mon, Tues, Wed) & Art Leader

My name is Rosanne Forward and I started working at this school many years ago as a student. I love this school and have always been incredibly proud to say that I work at ‘Roselands’. I have two girls and we like to have lots of fun singing and dancing around the house. I help run a drama theatre group for adults and children. I love going on holidays especially to hot countries.

Steve Langhorn – Year 1 Teacher

I have been teaching in primary schools since 2009, after completing my training at The University of Brighton. Prior to this, my first year at Roselands, I worked up the road at Stafford Junior school across every year group, but mainly in Y5 and Y4.

Being new can always be a bit daunting, but the team here have been incredibly warm, welcoming and supportive. It’s also been nice to meet the brothers and sisters of a few children I’ve already taught at Stafford. When I’m not here, I like to spend time with my wife and daughter at home.

Kathy Sewell – Year 1 Teacher in Parrot Class (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Alternate Fridays) & Music Subject Leader

I am a teacher at Roselands, where I teach in Parrots Class in Year One. I have worked at Roselands for 26 years, in a variety of different roles. I enjoy teaching children different subjects in a variety of ways, to help them achieve their full potential.

I have 2 children who are at Secondary School and Sixth Form College. When I’m not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, walking the family dog, listening to music and playing the piano.

Charlotte Davies – Year 1 Teacher in Penguins Class & Science leader

I can be found teaching in Penguins class in year one. This is my fifth year teaching at Roselands Infant School in various year groups. I enjoy teaching the children new skills and inspiring them to use and explore their imaginations. I love singing and dancing so I do enjoy organising a nativity play or show! Outside of school, I love cooking, yoga and rock climbing. You might see me next year attempting a team challenge called ‘Tough Mudder’ with my gym buddies!

Joanna Page – Head of Year 2 & Teacher of Leopards Class

I am the Head of Year 2 at Roselands Infants and I have been attached to the schools in our federation for many years. I worked at Stafford Junior School for 9 years and have experience in leading year groups 3-6. I was very pleased to join the Roselands team in September 2016 and use my experience of leading and teaching in Year 3 to bring high expectations, ensure consistency and a smooth transition into Stafford Junior School. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work in infants and make federations links even tighter.

In my spare time, I spend time with my family, friends and my gorgeous cat Pickles.  I also enjoy singing, playing piano and I try to find opportunities to follow my interest in photography.

Hollie Durrant – Year 2 Teacher in Tigers Class & Computing Leader

I am a Year 2 Teacher and I feel extremely lucky to have worked at both schools within the federation. I joined the Year 2 team in 2017, having previously worked as a Year 3 teacher at Stafford Junior School.

I am an extremely passionate teacher and strive to provide an exciting and engaging learning environment for all of the children I teach. I aim to ensure that all children feel happy at school and develop into independent learners who are curious and inquisitive about the world around them. I am grateful to have had previous experience in Year 3 as this has provided me with the opportunity to understand the skills that are required, and the types of learning challenges that the children will face.

Throughout my life, I have been extremely passionate about dancing and horse riding. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my mum by attending weekly Zumba classes and pilates!

Yvonne Woolley – Year 2 Teacher in Panthers Class & Maths leader

I am a Year two class teacher and the Maths coordinator at Roselands. I joined the Roselands team in 2015. Prior to that at I was at my previous school for nine years, working in years one, two, three and six.

My introduction and involvement in education, like so many mums began when I helped as a parent volunteer in my son’s class. I enjoyed it so much that when the opportunity arose I became a classroom assistant, for twelve years. Then when my son moved to senior school I made the decision to further my own education and take a degree in Primary Education Studies. I had always aspired to being a teacher and it is a decision I have never regretted.

I feel honoured to work in the rich and caring learning environment that Roselands provides for the children in its care. It is also wonderful to work with such an inspiring and supportive team of colleagues who have a shared passion for learning.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, swimming and going to the theatre.